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Accelerated Classes

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How do accelerated classes work?

Graduate classes at St. Ambrose University aren't daunting – once you learn what they're like!

Students take classes in an accelerated format, which means each course takes 8 weeks to complete, as opposed to an entire, 16-week semester. For example, in one calendar year, graduate students could take six classes (which is one class per eight weeks) toward their degree. The pace at which you complete classes is up to you!

How often do classes meet?

One day per week. And this is the great part: it's in the evening! Classes generally start at 5:45 p.m., so depending on your work schedule, that will leave time to make the transition from work to class. Many students bring a small snack, but if you get to campus early, the Rogalski Center, Cosgrove Cafeteria (you can pay cash or get a meal plan), and Beehive Coffeeshop (in Ambrose Hall) have some great eats and drinks.

Is this format more difficult?

Not necessarily. Each class is 4 hours in length with frequent breaks. Faculty and your fellow classmates know that it's tough – mentally and physically – to be in class for that long! Lively discussion, small group sessions, and coffee breaks in the Beehive or Rogalski Center make the time fly by.

We encourage you to visit a class to get the feel for it and participate in the discussions! Get a hold of us on email or call Graduate Admissions to arrange a class time.

How much do I prepare outside of class for this type of format?

Since your professors have more time to cover material in an accelerated class than in a one-hour class, there will seem like more "homework." However, you also will have an entire week to accomplish that week's work.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us or complete this quick form to let us know which program interests you.