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Honors I

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The Honors I Application is completed online

*Please note: Unfortunately, the Honors application is unable to save your work during the completion process, so it requires a full submission once opened. If you would like to view the essay article and questions before sitting down to fill out the application in its entirety, you may access the PDF here. The essay question has a maximum of 750 characters.

Teachers & Guidance Counselors: Letters of Recommendation can be submitted online by clicking here. *We request one letter of recommendation per application.

Honors I: Standard Course Schedule Overview

Total credits: 15 credits

*To find specific course information broken down by academic year, please click on the course guide pages on the left.


Fall Semester
Learning Community
Honors 101: World of Ideas (4 credits)
Explore a particular theme using an interdisciplinary approach. Students will apply multiple ways of knowing to explore various questions and issues related to the particular theme. Read a sample syllabus (pdf)
Honors 112 (1 credit)
SVLN 101 (1 credit)

Spring Semester
Honors 102: The Life of the Mind (3 credits).
Continue the exploration of the theme identified for Honors 101 from the perspectives of two additional disciplines. Read a sample syllabus (pdf)


Fall Semester
Honors 201: Special Investigations in Honors (3 credits)
(Fall or Spring) This special topics course will provide a sustained interdisciplinary investigation of a particular topic. Read a sample syllabus (pdf)

Spring Semester
Honors 201 (3 credits)


Fall Semester
Honors 301: The Symposium (3 credits-WI)
(Fall or Spring) Focuses on the methods of inquiry and the role that research plays in different disciplines. Students will read and critically analyze primary sources, conduct a literature review, write a research proposal, and present the information to their peers. (This course is a pre-requisite for Honors 401 and will assist students in developing a research proposal or scholarly project for Honors 401.)

Spring Semester
Honors 301 (3 credits-WI)

*WI=Writing Intensive