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Honors II Course Overview

What Is Honors 301?

Honors 301* focuses on the methods of inquiry and the role that research plays in different disciplines. 

In Honors 301, you will:

  • Read and critically analyze primary sources
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Begin preparing for your Honors culminating experience

*This course is a pre-requisite for Honors 401 and will assist you in developing a research proposal or scholarly project for Honors 401.

What Is Honors 401?

Honors 401: The Honors Project is the culmination of your undergraduate work. This project allows you to work closely with a faculty member to create a scholarly or creative project that builds on your knowledge and interest.

What this means exactly will vary from discipline to discipline. It could include a project demonstrating a mastery of a specific subject matter; a traditional independent research project; an art exhibition; a theater or dance performance; a marketing plan; a software program...the possibilities are endless!

For most Honors Project culminating experiences, one primary advisor is necessary. You may identify a second advisor who would be willing to consult on the project if necessary. If the project is interdisciplinary, establish one main advisor and a secondary advisor, each representing a discipline in your Honors Project. Honors 401 can be completed in your junior or senior year.

Honors 401 Presentation Rubric

Honors 401 Thesis Rubric

Honors II Course Schedule
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Junior Honors 301 (3 credits-WI)

*WI=Writing Intensive

(Fall or Spring)

Honors 301

(3 credits)


Junior or Senior Honors 401: Honors Thesis (2-4 credits). In consultation with a faculty mentor in their major, students will engage in scholarly research by developing a new idea through the formulation of theory and research, conducting a literature review, collecting data and analysis if appropriate, and articulating their conclusions in written form. In addition, the student will present their findings to a panel of faculty.

(Fall or Spring)

Honors 401

(2-4 credits)