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Human Rights

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Human Rights Policy

Under this Human Rights Policy, all students, faculty and staff, regardless of race or gender have the right to be free from racial and/or sexual harassment by colleagues, supervisors, or teachers.  The University will not condone actions and words which a reasonable person would regard as racially or sexually harassing or coercive or which in any way violate their human rights.

Individuals who feel they have experienced such harassment should advise their supervisor or dean. In investigating such complaints, the following principles will be observed:

  • The person bringing the complaint will suffer no retaliation;
  • The complaint will not be discussed with anyone else without the complainant's permission;
    That if permission is given to pursue and investigate the complaint, such an investigation will be conducted by the head of the major administrative unit in which the complaint is brought, or a designee of that administrator;
  • In conducting such an investigation, the right to confidentiality, both of the complainant and of the accused, will be respected to the extent possible;
    The investigation will be conducted as quickly as possible and the results reported to the complainant;
  • That in the event the complaint is found to be valid, the person guilty of racial or sexual harassment will receive appropriate counseling or disciplinary action, as would be the case in other instances of violation of University policy.