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Print Management

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  St. Ambrose University transitioned to a managed print  environment prior to the 2010-11 school year in an effort to reduce waste and cut campus printing costs. Ths successful effort has provided campus with more environmentally friendly and cost effective  printing.

Additional realized benefits include: Secure, confidential printing  

  • Availability of high quality color printing  
  • Printer reliability
  • Reduction in paper cost and toner usage for the University

Print Rates

Print costs are determined by printer selection. Each lab is configured to default to the nearest black-and-white printer if available. Color printers will be designated by the "Color" tag

Misprint Refund Policy

Print jobs that fail to properly print due to a printer mechanical defect will be issued a credit refund. This includes pages printed with visual defects such as streaking, faded ink, or failure to print. Jobs printed in error due to user oversight will not be refunded. Please be sure you verify page totals before confirming print jobs.

Please be prepared to provide the IT department staff with details of printer location, date/time, problem description (errors), Filename of printed document, and bring in the misprinted pages if applicable to the IT service desk. Refunds will be provided on a case-by-case basis within two business days.

Managed Printers

Any jobs sent to the following printers will debit your balance by the current rate:

Ambrose – 413c
Cosgrove – 24, 24hr Front (B&W and Color)
Galvin – 139 (B&W and Color)
Hayes 100
Industrial Engineering – (only for IE students) B&W, Color, Wide Format Color
Lewis – 112
McMullen – 101, 202

1st Floor Back, 1st Floor Front, 3rd Floor, Media Classroom

SAU Webprint Intructions

Students can now send print jobs to campus printers from their own computers
Click here for instructions

Printing from a computer outside of the lab

The managed lab printers can be accessed by computers outside of the lab.

A. Install the printer     
1) Click on Start, then Run. Input '\\sauprint3\' and press okay     
2) Double-Click on the desired printer     
3) Exit print view dialog

B. Run print management client     
1) Right-Click 'Print' and select 'Save As'.         Save the link to a convenient location.         Print     
2) Double Click 'Print Client' shortcut to run print management client

C. Print Document     
1) If prompted, provide username/password or select a shared account


My Account Balance is 0 or Negative
At the end of each month any negative balance charged to your account is charged to your student account automatically.

Staff and Faculty registered for a class
Staff and faculty registered for a class receive a identical print quota as students. Please use your departments shared account when printing to ensure that your personal account is not charged for work related printing.

Staff and Faculty - Shared Accounts
Each academic and staff department will be issued Shared Accounts upon request approval of the Information Resources department. Shared accounts will be required for all users printing to the labs that are not registered students.

Staff and Faculty - Request Shared Account