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International Student Services


Obtaining Apostilled Documents

What is an apostille?

An apostille is an official document from the Secretary of State of Iowa's Office. An apostille legalizes its corresponding document so that it can be recognized as valid in a foreign country. Some international students are required to obtain apostilles so that their home country will officially recognize the education they earned abroad.

What documents do I need to obtain an apostille?

  • Diploma
  • Official Transcript
  • Letter from the Higher Learning Commission verifying that SAU is an accredited institution (the Center for International Education has a copy of this letter)
  • Explanation of degree requirements both in English and your native language (these should be printed on official university letterhead)

Each of these documents must be copied and notarized by a certified Notary Public.  We have two staff members on campus who are Notaries Public. They do not charge for their services.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $5.00 per apostille. An apostille must be obtained for each of the above documents. The Secretary of State accepts check and credit card payments. Make checks payable to the Iowa Secretary of State's office. You may place an order for the apostille by faxing or calling the Secretary of State's office and paying the fee with a Visa or Mastercard.

Phone: +515/281-5204
Fax: +515/242-5953

Once I have collected all of the necessary documents, what do I do next?

Mail all the notarized documents along with your check payment to the Secretary of State's office at the address below. Include your name and mailing address. This is where the apostille will be mailed. Also include the name and address of the location where the documents will be filed in your home country.

Send apostille requests to:

Public Service Representative
Iowa Secretary of State
Lucas Building, 1st Floor
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319

How long does it take to get the apostille?

Apostille requests are usually returned within 14 days.

Whom should I contact for more information?

If you have questions about the process for requesting an apostille, please contact the Iowa Secretary of State's office:

Phone: 515/281-5204