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Mason City, Iowa

Graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Mathematics
Was a member of Student Alumni Association
Member of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society and Phi Eta Sigma
Weary of wrestling after high school, he instead became successful in competitive bodybuilding at SAU

On lessons to be learned at St. Ambrose

"I learned that I am very independent and am able to adapt to change."

SAU: A Centerpiece for Families

Like so many before him, Jacob Hines followed family to St. Ambrose.

"My grandpa and uncle graduated from St. Ambrose," he explains, noting his grandparents met in Davenport during their undergraduate years in college. "Also, my brother was already going to Ambrose when I enrolled, and I've always been close with him."

That's a common story. For more than a century, St. Ambrose has been a family tradition. Sons follow fathers. Sisters join brothers. Couples meet and marry and, years later, their children take a seat in our classrooms.

Now officially an alum himself, Jake says he'd be honored should more Hines follow him to SAU.

"St. Ambrose has been a centerpiece for our family," he says. "It has supported us, connected us, and grown with us. I would definitely take pride if my children were to attend St. Ambrose."

In his own words

Can you name a faculty member who challenged you and describe how they helped you through that challenge?

I took an independent study, high-level math class with Professor Tom Anderson my junior year. He basically gave me what I was supposed to do for the entire semester on day one and said go learn it. Whenever I had questions, I would stop by his office, and he would help me out. I would take the tests and, overall, the class went extremely well.

What does St. Ambrose offer that is essential to your field of study?

At St. Ambrose, I studied mathematics and the professors are very well known throughout the field. Professor Cho is known throughout the world as a top mathematician, and it helps to have him in class and be able to build personal relationships with him and the other professors.

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