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Jessica Middendorf

Galena, Ill.

Majors in Math Education
Plays varsity volleyball
Coaches youth club volleyball
Lectors and is a Eucharistic minister for Campus Ministry
Member of the Student Alumni Association

How St. Ambrose has helped her grow

"I have completely and 100 percent spread my wings."

Learning The Love of Teaching

Jessica Middendorf thought she wanted to be a teacher when came to St. Ambrose. The SAU Teacher Education program, however, doesn't settle for just thinking.

Jessica found herself observing in a classroom only months into her initial year of college and the experience only made her eager for more.

"What I really liked was, during my freshmen year, second semester, they put me into a classroom right away," she says. "I had to do 70 hours, which I think is extremely important because then you have a chance to figure out if you want to teach or not."

Jessica no longer thinks she wants to teach. She knows.

"I have had three other observations," she says, "and I love it because every time I go into another classroom, it makes that much more excited about being a teacher."

In her own words


What have you learned about yourself at St. Ambrose?

I have completely and 100 percent spread my wings. I would have never imagined going from my freshmen year, when I was going home every single weekend because I got so homesick, to my junior year, where I maybe went home twice a semester. I have moved past being so dependent on my home. This feels like my home now.

What is your favorite class?

All of the classes that I've had with Dr. Dean Marple. He makes me think outside the box. He makes me think like a teacher. He doesn't just tell me things; he makes me figure things out on my own. I feel like he has prepared me to become a teacher.

What will you tell your children about your college experience?

That it's not all about the partying. I feel that you can have just as wonderful experience without the partying. There's so many more things out there. It's a lot harder because you don't have your parents telling to get up and go to school. You don't have your parents telling you do your homework. You have to do it on your own. You have to make the decision to get up and go to class. It's stressful, but also rewarding and fun.

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