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Ordering Materials

Located in the Technical Services area of the library, Acquisitions assists faculty in ordering books and videos to be added to the Library's collection. The CHOICE magazine is available in the Library for those looking for book reviews. CHOICE may also be accessed online.

There are several ways in which to submit book orders to the Acquisitions Department:

Online book order forms may be filled out through the SAU portal.
Paper book order forms may be completed and sent to the acquisitions office. These are also found in the SAU portal.
Orders or suggestions for purchase may be sent to the appropriate liaison librarian.

There are two deadlines for submitting book orders. The first deadline is near the end of the Fall semester and the second semester deadline is usually midway into the Spring semester. All faculty are notified of the deadline dates.

Eliza Gillies, Acquisitions Assistant
563/333-6470 phone         563/333-6248 fax

Departmental Liaisons

The librarian liaisons at the SAU Library are available to assist faculty with specialized instruction, collection development, and research assistance. 

Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education (requires a username & password)

Choice Reviews Online

Click here to access book reviews from Choice Magazine.

Center for Teaching Excellence

Books from the Center for Teaching Excellence can be searched for in the online book catalog.

Questions about the contents of the collection may be directed to the CTE Advisory committee.

Records Management Policy

The purpose of the St. Ambrose University Records Management Policy is to promote the efficient management of the University's records. The University's records include virtually all of the documents (print and electronic) produced by its employees, faculty, staff, trustees, attorneys, agents, and in some cases, students. These records comprise our institutional memory by:

* Documenting our management decisions
* Providing historical references
* Enhancing our institution's operational efficiencies
* Providing litigation support

The Records Policy is designed to help you make records management a part of your regular office routine. By understanding the final disposition of your records, you can manage what should and should not remain in your office more easily. The policy indicates what records to keep, how long to keep them, and how to dispose of them. Disposition can be by shredding, recycling, or transmittal to the Archives as noted on the Records Management Schedule. Click on the links below for additional information.


Click here for definitions for the following:

    • Records
    • Records Management Schedule
    • Records Custodian
    • Vital Records


Records Management Schedule (pdf) - alphabetical by type of record
Individual Department Records Inventory - alphabetical by department (coming soon!)


(all pdf documents)

Records Transmittal to Archives Form
Request for Archives Research Assistance Form
Bulk Disposition/Shred Request Form
Request for Change to Records Management Schedule


Click here for information on the following:

    • Preparing Boxes for Archives
    • Shred/Disposal Dates and Bin Locations
    • Adding To or Changing Records Management Schedule


Presidential Initiative (pdf)

Contact Information

Please contact the following if you have questions or comments:

Records Management Officer
Mary Heinzman

 University Archivist
 Onnica Marquez