Departmental Liaisons

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The librarians at the SAU Library are available to assist faculty with specialized instruction, collection development, and research assistance. Although the following librarians are liaisons for the departments listed, please feel free to contact any librarian for assistance.


Accounting - Mary Heinzman

Archaeology - Stella Herzig

Art & Photography - Leslie Ross

Art History - James O'Gorman

Astronomy - Anita Niemczyk

Audio Books - Mary Heinzman

Biology - Conrad Bendixen

Business - Mary Heinzman

Center for Professional Studies - Mary Heinzman

Chemistry - Anita Niemczyk

Communications: Media & Speech - James O'Gorman

Computer Sciences - Karly Lyle

Criminal Justice - Julia Dickinson

DBA - Mary Heinzman

Economics/Finance - Mary Heinzman

Education & Special Education- Leslie Ross

English - Stella Herzig

Environmental Studies - Conrad Bendixen

General Reference - Mary Heinzman

Geography - James O'Gorman

Geology - Anita Niemczyk

History - James O'Gorman

Industrial & Mechanical Engineering - Anita Niemczyk

Kinesiology - James O'Gorman

Leisure Reading - Mary Heinzman

Marketing - Mary Heinzman

Mathematics - Anita Niemczyk

MBA - Mary Heinzman

Modern Languages - Leslie Ross

MOL - Mary Heinzman

Music - Beth Shoemaker

Nursing - Conrad Bendixen

Occupational Therapy - Conrad Bendixen

Pastoral Studies - Stella Herzig

Philosophy - Stella Herzig

Physical Therapy - Conrad Bendixen

Physician Assistant Studies - Conrad Bendixen

Physics - Anita Niemczyk

Political Science - James O'Gorman

Psychology - Stella Herzig

Social Work - Julia Dickinson

Sociology - Julia Dickinson

Speech Pathology - Julia Dickinson

Theater - Beth Shoemaker

Theology - Stella Herzig

Women's Studies - Leslie Ross