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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services can connect students and faculty with information not held in our own collection. In some instances there may be restrictions placed on borrowed materials (e.g. textbooks or fragile materials may be designated as "in-library use" only). If you have questions or need assistance requesting an item, please call the Reference Desk (563) 333-6245, or the ILL Department (563) 333-6247.

ILL Online Forms

The interlibrary loan process has changed. The new system will  allow you to track and manage your requests. To use the new system:

  • Log in to the portal
  • Go to the Library page (University Services to Library)
  • Under Helpful Links (Right hand side), find Interlibrary Loan
  • When the link opens, establish your account. Use your portal username and password (SAU network login).

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an item?

How long does it take?

How will I know when it comes?

How long can I keep the item?

How much does it cost?

May I request a required textbook for a class?

How do I get an item on Interlibrary Loan?

Book Requests
Should you require a book not held at SAU Library:

  • For books not in the catalog, you may place the ILL request using the online form located in the SAU portal.

Books are usually free of charge due to reciprocal agreements with other area libraries, but please carefully read information on the cost of interlibrary loan.

Periodical Requests

  • Search for your information and write down or print out the full citation of those articles which best meet your research needs. Complete the online form. 

Articles are often free of charge due to reciprocal agreements with other libraries, but please carefully read information on the cost of interlibrary loan.

How long does it take?

For books, expect it to take 10 days to two weeks or longer. Articles from magazines and journals should arrive within the 2–5 day range.

How will I know when it comes?

When we receive the requested materials, we will call you or notify you via email. The items may be picked up at the SAU Library Circulation Desk, or special arrangements can be made for other forms of delivery.

How long can I keep the item?

Photocopies of magazine/journal articles are yours to keep. Books and other materials are due in accordance with the due date established by the lending library, so due dates will vary. To avoid jeopardizing your interlibrary loan lending privileges, please return your books on time. If you need an extension on a loan, please ask your interlibrary loan librarian and make this request prior to the due date.

What does Interlibrary Loan cost?

Normally, there is no charge to borrow materials from another library. On occasion, a fee will be asked by a lending library. You will be contacted for permission to proceed with the request should an item necessitate a charge. The student, not the library, is responsible for any expenses incurred for the interlibrary loan process. 

We try to order items from the libraries that do not charge; however, there may be a time when the item is only available from a library that charges a fee. Recent budget cuts have also increased interlibrary loan costs and may result in charges from a library that previously did not charge. 

May I request a required textbook for a class?

Yes, you may request a textbook. However, should one be sent from another library, the use of the textbook will be limited to "in-library use" only and may not be kept past the loan period stipulated by the lending library. Few libraries lend current textbooks, preferring to reserve them for their own students. Acquiring your own copy through the bookstore or other vendor is always preferable to borrowing one from another library.

Questions or Comments?

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