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Lemont, Ill.

Exercise Science and Spanish major
Member of the cross country team
Veteran of Study Abroad trips to Spain and Mexico
Active in Students Making a Difference

About the St. Ambrose community

"Everyone cares about you and your personal success."

St. Ambrose Is Just Right

The way Mariah Balinski sees it now, St. Ambrose University is like the Mama Bear's chair. It's not too little. It's not too big. Instead, for Mariah, St. Ambrose is just right.

"I went to a small high school where everyone was in each other's business and I wanted to experience the atmosphere that a larger school offered," Mariah remembers thinking upon her graduation from Lemont (Ill.) High School in the spring of 2010. "But after coming to St. Ambrose, I still meet so many new people every day.

"I love the smaller school setting because of how 'homey' it is and how welcoming everyone is. There are so many people I see every day who are my friends. But there are always opportunities to meet new people."

Best of all, parents can be assured their students will be embraced by the St. Ambrose community, she says.

"Parents should want their children to come here because St. Ambrose is a home away from home," she says. "Everyone here is a family unit. Whether it is your teachers, friends or roommates, everyone cares about you and your personal success."

In her own words

Why St Ambrose?

I picked St. Ambrose because it is one of the universities in the Midwest that offers a fast track for physical therapy. You have the ability to graduate with your doctorate after only 5 1/2 years.

What does St. Ambrose offer that is essential to your field of study?

One of the greatest assets St. Ambrose offers is exposure to the cadaver labs. This is something that is very unique and that other schools may not offer to students. Even as an undergrad, I have worked with cadavers. That will benefit me greatly in graduate school.

How do you make friends at St. Ambrose?

One of the biggest ways would be through sports. I was on the cross-country team and I consider those girls to be my best friends through all the times and memories we shared. Even if people don't participate in sports, it's pretty easy — whether it be through your floor or clubs — to make friends here.

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