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Bettendorf, Iowa

Graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Biology
Enrolled in med school in Kansas City
At SAU, played varsity soccer
Member of Biology Club and Campus Ministry

On opportunities he found in SAU classrooms:

"Having the opportunity to study human cadavers was something medical schools found impressive."

Scoring Goals Close to Home

Initially, Matt Kraciun thought St. Ambrose was a little too close to his Bettendorf roots to want to continue his soccer career here.

He was moved, however, by the earnest interest of then men's soccer coach Rev. Robert "Bud" Grant, and by a naturally warm welcome from would-be fellow students when he paid an early visit to campus. What clinched it, though, was the amount of time Dr. Brenda Peters, an SAU biology professor, spent with him charting a possible course through St. Ambrose to medical school.

"It was the only school visit where a professor did that," Kraciun remembers. "I decided I'd like to be a student at a school where they care that much."

Kraciun enrolled at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in the fall of 2013. He credits great science professors at St. Ambrose–and the lessons he learned in the only cadaver lab available to undergraduates in the state of Iowa–for helping ensure he was ready for his med school admissions testing.

"I know I made the right choice coming to St. Ambrose," he says.

In his own words:

Can you name a faculty member who challenged you and describe how they helped you through that challenge?

Dr. Bill Hixon challenged me plenty in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He posed questions, then played the devil's advocate to see if we really understood what we were talking about.

Why should parents want their children to come to St. Ambrose?

St. Ambrose provides a safe and friendly environment for academic and social success. It provides so much more to take out of the college experience that just a classroom alone can't provide.

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