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What we're looking for
  • Interesting, compelling prose, rich with detail and a distinctive and strong voice;
  • Language that avoids convention and cliché, language with surprising word choice and syntax, language that calls attention to itself;
  • An authorial presence that asserts itself (boldly if necessary, subtly and quietly if more appropriate) as teller or observer or participant-a presence that is strongly personal;
  • A daring willingness to draw on many resources that are often considered outside the realm of "exposition": anecdote and narrative, self-dramatization and dramatization, eye witness and interview, digression and indirection;
  • Celebratory or serious, whimsical or analytical, an engagement with the world as it is and life as it happens, and the world and life-the "real" world- filtered through a sensibility whose goal is to make readers attend to and care about that world and life.

Writers for Mazy Mind are looking at the world, observing it closely and accurately, thinking about it smartly, and trying to say something about it that is interesting, maybe even unexpected and arresting.


  • 1,500 word maximum.
  • Email submission as an attached Word doc to Leslie Ross-Ferm.
  • Include your name, major, graduation year, email address and phone number on page 1 of the Word doc.

Be sure to spell check and proofread your work. If selected, your work will be printed as submitted with possible minor edits for clarity. Multiple submissions are welcome.