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Kalona, Iowa

Nursing major
Member of the varsity volleyball team
Studied abroad in Ireland

The advantages offered by St. Ambrose

"... we're lucky to have the resources that we have."

In her own words

Why St. Ambrose?

They have a great nursing program that allowed me to study abroad while still graduating in four years. This was something very unique to Ambrose that other schools did not offer. I received a great scholarship here, as well, making it an affordable option.

What does Ambrose offer that is essential to your field of study?

St. Ambrose has a great nursing program located in the new Health Sciences building. In this building we have a simulation lab that can recreate a hospital room with a patient that is as close to human as you can get. It's very rare for a small school like Ambrose to have this, and we're lucky to have the resources that we have.

What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite class so far has been Health and Physical Assessment. It was the first nursing class I took, and I was lucky enough to take it abroad while I studied in Ireland. So not only did I learn the material as it pertains to U.S. health care, but I also got the Irish perspective.

How do you give back to your community?

I have started volunteering at Genesis Medical Center, just down the street from campus, once a week. I have worked both in the NICU and Outpatient Surgery helping the nurses with various tasks.

Why should parents want their children to come to St. Ambrose?

I think that the biggest push for parents to send their children here is the small student-to-faculty ratio. The professors here honestly want you to succeed. Being a small school, you get to know your professors really well throughout the years, and can go to them whenever you need help academically. 

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