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Morrison, Ill.

Starting nursing career in Sacramento, Calif.
Graduated cum laude with a BS in Nursing, BA in French
Zumba instructor for Wellness and Recreation

Advice for incoming Ambrosians

"Keep at it and you will succeed."

'I Can Be Challenged'

Mollie McNitt graduated cum laude in the Spring of 2013, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing with a second major in French. The double major was a challenge, she says, but one the faculty and staff in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Health and Human Services were prepared to help her meet.

"The Nursing and French Departments were great in working together for me," she says. "Nursing is a fulltime major and rigorous, but being a French major required a semester abroad. So the departments agreed to one month in the summer abroad to fulfill the requirement."

Mollie traveled to Annecy, France, on her own, set her own study schedule, and saw a new part of the world with a European sense of leisure.

"I learned that if you want to do something, or if you have a goal, you just need to go for it and not be afraid of the consequences or failing," she says. "I learned to experience different things and enjoy life without rushing through it."

In her own words

What did you learn about yourself at St. Ambrose?

I learned that I can be challenged and be OK with it. I used to run away, and I've learned to "take the bull by the horns," so to speak. Also, it's OK to ask for help when frustrated. Keep at it and you will succeed.

How did you give back to your community as a student?

I volunteered at the Good Samaritan Free Clinic in Moline, Ill., doing the intakes there. I participated in donation drives and flash mobs. As a Zumba instructor, I helped with free events for local groups like the Girl Scouts, Her Campus, and 1Billion Rising.

What will you tell your children about your college experience?

It is a challenging experience, but worth it. You not only learn academically, but you learn about yourself as you grow as a person.

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