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Molly Conrad

Bettendorf, Iowa

Majors in Theatre and Public Relations
Active in Theatre productions
Sings in chorus or at the drop of a guitar pick
Budding singer/songwriter with a CD to her credit
Kicks it with the boys in the Jiu Jitsu club

About her level of comfort

"I can't imagine myself anywhere else."

The Art of Acting Natural 

For a budding actress like Molly Conrad, St. Ambrose is a perfect place to pretend you are someone else.

She says it is an even better place to be exactly who are.

While sampling Theatre Department productions at the Galvin Fine Arts Center while in high school, Molly says she realized SAU was exactly the right place to explore her interest in performing.

"St. Ambrose offers experience," she says. "The Theatre Department has four main stage shows each year and then studio shows, and there are backstage positions as well as acting. St. Ambrose is really good about giving students the opportunity to get involved."

Here, Molly says she also found the courage to pick up a guitar and perform her own songs. More than that, she found it is fine to follow her own muse. To be herself.

"The worst that can happen is they may not like you, or think you are weird," she says. "But that's fine, because in the long run, it doesn't matter. You might make a friend, which is cool."

In her own words:

Describe the support you receive as an artist at St. Ambrose.

They have Live at the Lounge, where people can perform poetry, monologues, songs or whatever they want. The first time I went, I was surprised by how supportive everyone was of one another. Everyone's so quiet and I find that to be very rare these days with music. My first time I was all nerves, but I've been growing and I've been able to not get as nervous beforehand. I've grown a lot as a musician and a songwriter over the past couple of years and, if I were somewhere else, I don't think I would have as much.

Anything else you're interested in trying out?

Yeah, I started trying Jiu Jitsu. One of my friends talked me into going and it's wrestling, which I didn't entirely expect. I actually liked it. The idea of it seems to be everything unappealing to a woman. It smells like a zoo. There are a lot of sweaty guys rolling around. It's a little gross, but I really love it.

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