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Natividad HirschBautista

Indianola, Iowa

International Studies major 
Member of the Model UN team
Member of Triota, SOUP, MACA

Message for Incoming Students

"I have learned that I want to change the world, and I didn't know that I wanted to do that so much before I came here."

A World of Difference

From her initial experience on the St. Ambrose Model UN team, Natividad HirschBautista found a career she would like to model.

In a November 2012 Chicago competition among schools from across the country, Natividad and her SAU teammates played the role of the fledgling, embattled and impoverished nation of South Sudan.

"As such a small country, it was difficult to have our voice heard, or to find other countries willing to listen to what we had to say," Natividad says. "I know now it is very important to listen to all people in my life, no matter what status they hold."

The experience helped Natividad set a goal for a future career: she would like to work at the United Nations someday. In the meantime, she is hungry to learn all she can at St. Ambrose.

"The world is very vast, but I want to know all about it and help fix some problems," she says.

What have you learned about yourself here at St. Ambrose?

I've just learned that I care about different things. I learned that I want to change the world and I didn't know that I wanted to do that so much before I came here.

What do you do for fun in the Quad Cities?

I like to explore; I like to go to Vander Veer Park, which is right off of St. Ambrose. I just like to drive around and explore.

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