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Resources for Off-Campus Student Living

A Message to Students Living Off Campus

from Dean of Students, Tim Phillips

As you are aware, St. Ambrose University requires "all full-time first and second year students (defined as those with less than 60 credits) to live in a university residence hall unless the student lives at his/her permanent residence with their parent or legal guardian within 30 miles of campus" (Student Handbook, p. 29). Those falling outside these criteria are able to select between on and off campus living.

For those choosing to live off campus, please know this is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities. As representatives of St. Ambrose University, you are expected at all times to conduct yourself consistently with our mission, vision, guiding principles and values. Moreover, you are expected to inform yourself regarding local policies, ordinances, and laws that govern respectful citizenship. To assist, the Neighborhood Relations Council developed the following 10 Tips to Being a Good Neighbor. I encourage you to review these, and the resources linked to these items. Finally, please be mindful that behavioral expectations remain consistent with those expected of all St. Ambrose University students and the code of conduct may be applied to off campus issues.

If we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact my office. I stand available to serve as an on-going resource to you.

Ten Tips to Being a Good Neighbor

1. Meet your neighbors. Introduce yourself to and develop relationships with those who live around you. Doing so can help solve concerns if and when they arise. Stepping Off Campus Guide (pdf)
2. Offer to help. In the spirit of Bee the Difference Day, offer to assist neighbors with carrying in the groceries, odd jobs, leaf pickup, and snow removal.
3. Park properly and respectfully. Use property driveways and street access respectfully. Many neighbors do not like others parking in front of their property so ask permission if you have a need to do so.
4. Respect different schedules. While you might not have class until 10 a.m., your neighbor may have to be at work by 6 a.m. City ordinance holds that any noise heard beyond property limits can be considered disruptive and in violation of code. City of Davenport Ordinances
5. Drive and Walk peacefully. When driving through the neighborhoods, turn radios down. When walking, use sidewalks rather than cutting across properties and keep your voice levels low so as not to be disruptive.
6. Invite your neighbors. Having some folks over? Let your neighbors know and how to contact you if they have concerns. Better yet, invite them to drop by.
7. Don't over occupy a unit. City ordinance prohibits more than five (5) unrelated people from residing at the same residence. Chapter 562A Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Law; Davenport City Ordinance Establishing University Zone (pdf)
8. Know your city services. Review the city guides on city services and support services that are available to assist you.
9. Know how to put your trash out. The city provides pick‐up days by area each week. Additionally, they provide special service days and limitations on what will be picked up. 2012-13 Garbage Guide (pdf)
10. Keep your property clean. Proper care of your property, whether owned or rented, enhances the overall neighborhood and says you care about those around you. This includes shoveling sidewalks, mowing lawns, racking and bagging leaves. Yard Waste Collection; Sewer Backup

Additional Resources and Links

*Stepping Off Campus (pdf)

Environmental Inspection

2012-13 Garbage Guide (pdf)

*Citibus Website

*Resources for all students, including those living on-campus.

Interested in living off-campus?

 Visit the the Off-Campus Housing page on the Residence Life website.

Current listing of off-campus houses

Chapter 562A Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Law


City of Davenport Department websites:

Yard Waste Collection

Sewer Backup

Volunteering Opportunities

Street Closures, Detours & Special Events Maps

Public Works Winter Guide

City of Davenport Ordinances

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