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About the St. Vincent's Center

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St. Ambrose has worked hard to create a development plan for its St. Vincent's Center (SVC) campus that will minimize impact on neighbors and still meet critical university needs. The plan being put forth represents major concessions to address neighbors' concerns—and a significant reduction in the size of the stadium complex.

With a very active intramural sports program, 23 varsity sports and nearly 700 student-athletes, the university needs to build more recreational and athletics facilities. Both are key in recruiting student-athletes and non-athletes, alike.

What's important to note is that the St. Vincent's Center campus (and the adjoining Assumption High School) are currently functioning as an athletic complex with a softball field, two practice football/soccer fields, and a practice/competition soccer field.

St. Ambrose is requesting the SVC campus be rezoned as a Planned Institutional District (PID) in order to upgrade the softball field and two practice fields (adding 300 seats to one), and add a 2,500-seat competition football/soccer/lacrosse stadium with a 400-meter track, a shot put/discus area, and parking.

Comprehensive information about the proposed development can be found on this website. Click through the navigation links in the left-hand column for more information.