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Why the SVC Complex Matters

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SAU has compiled links to some recent stories — about our student-athletes and athletics alumni, as well as academic and athletics programs — to provide a different perspective on why the St. Vinvcent's Center athletics complex development matters:

"A Sporting Chance at Success" (Spring 2014, Scene Magazine)
"Winning Big in the Game of Life" Lives of former Bees define athletic success" (Spring 2014, Scene Magazine)
"Coaching for Their Lives": SAU Coaches Focus on Athletes' Futures" (Spring 2014, Scene Magazine)
"Bees for the Books" (Spring 2014, Scene Magazine)
" 'Divot' Devoted to a Quad Cities Classic" (Spring 2014, Scene Magazine)
"Decorated Darmody Succeeds in the Long Run" (Summer 2013, Scene Magazine)
"Coaching Students to Endure, Succeed" (Summer 2013, Scene Magazine)
"Being Fit Isn't Play Today" (Summer 2013, Scene Magazine)
"A Tight Fit: Fitness-focused Ambrosians Show Need to Grow" (Summer 2013, Scene Magazine)
"Kinesiology in Motion" (Summer 2013, Scene Magazine)