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What’s Being Said About SVC Plans

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SAU has compiled links to some of the stories and letters that have been written about SVC  plans:
the following links are to external (non-SAU) websites

Quad-City Times letters to the editor
"Stadiums belong next to schools"
"St. Ambrose serves community"
"Augie president says: Let Ambrose build stadium"
"Stadium is the best option"
"Stadium activity is a sign of vitality"
"Sports complex is easy to support"
"Support a 'brain gain'"
"Assumption coach backs stadium"
"School has been a good neighbor"
"Show Ambrose support now"
"Trust St. Ambrose"
"St. Ambrose isn't playing tricks"
"Build it and they will come"
"Benefits outweigh concerns"
"SAU parent supports stadium"
"Revised Ambrose stadium earns support"
"Show support for St. Ambrose"
"Coach and neighbor says 'yes'"
"Project changes to accommodate concerns"
"Stadium will spur economic growth"
"Ambrose faces urgent need to grow"
"Let's get this project moving"
"Neighbors should work with St. Ambrose"
"St. Ambrose can grow -- or die"
"SAU earned community support"
"SAU stadium will attract students"
"Support SAU stadium project"
"SAU stadium will benefit Q-C for years"
"St. Ambrose needs a stadium to call its own"
"St. Ambrose plan is vital to growth"
"St. Ambrose listened to neighbors"

Quad-City Times editorials
"Choosing neighbors"
"Ambrose advances"
"Help St. Ambrose build the right stadium"

Article by Rock Island Argus and Moline Dispatch sports writer Tom Johnston
"Proposed SAU sports complex a no-brainer"

Article by the Catholic Messenger's Anne Marie Amacher 
Supporters learn about St. Ambrose's St. Vincent Center complex

Independent "SAU Stadium Yes" social media sites
Check out the "SAU Stadium Yes" Facebook site and the "SAU Stadium Yes" Twitter feed

Would you like to share your thoughts about SVC plans in a letter to the editor?

The Quad-City Times invites commentary from readers. Send a letter of up to 250 words to Include your full name, address and phone number. Published letters include the writer's name and town of residence. The Times does not publish addresses or phone numbers, but requires both for verification.