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Noise Impact

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The SVC development concept has undergone many modifications and a significant reduction in size since 2010, in large part, due to feedback and input from neighbors. Reducing noise impact has been achieved by situating the stadium and parking lot near the interior of the property (and finding the best orientation), and cutting stadium seating in half.

SAU has also offered to use a more expensive distributed loudspeaker system (rather than a few large loudspeakers), which would reduce the distance each loudspeaker must "throw" sound. In addition, an electronic limiter would automatically turn down the sound as it approaches a determined limit.

A three dimensional electro-acoustic model was built using specialized modeling software to understand the potential sound propagation based on stadium dimensions, crowd size and conceptual sound system design. Additional research and calculations were based on crowd noise at similar, existing stadiums. According to the noise study—based on a capacity crowd—averaging the loudest peaks of the game with ambient crowd noise would result in measurements below the ordinance level.

Read the Noise Study

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Will the loudspeakers and fan noise be disruptive?
How late would the loudspeaker be allowed to broadcast?

Will the loudspeakers and fan noise be disruptive?
St. Ambrose would follow all city ordinances regarding noise, making sure to manage loudspeaker levels so they fall well within an acceptable range. As a special condition, the University would install a distributed loudspeaker system at the stadium and an electronic "limiter" to ensure the volume cannot be turned up.

How late would the loudspeaker be allowed to broadcast?
SAU football games are played during the day. Assumption High School may host four to six Friday night football games that would typically finish sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.