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Stadium Light Consultants

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The stadium light impact study for the proposed SVC complex was conducted by Musco Lighting, headquartered in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Musco Lighting's Expertise and Experience

Since 1976, Musco has focused on the design and manufacture of sports-lighting systems, from hometown Little League fields to professional sports stadiums around the globe. Offering solutions for both permanent and temporary lighting needs, Musco has attained first-hand knowledge of lighting issues that affect participants and spectators.

They help meet the unique requirements of lighting sports facilities, providing solutions to questions such as:
• How much light is enough?
• How can installation, operation, and maintenance costs be minimized?
• How can a lighted sports facility be a good neighbor?

Their system approach makes sports lighting:
• Practical, affordable, and trouble-free
• Simple to purchase, install, and operate
• Good for a customer's budget and the environment

The Musco team drives sports lighting advances:
• To solve problems and make projects happen for customers
• To increase product performance and raise industry standards
• Built on practical experience in putting light systems on the line - for customers, their project, and their community
• Thousands of schools, cities, and facility owners have counted on Musco as part of their team, while providing the most value for their sports-lighting budget.

Musco Partners
Musco is a long-time supporter of organizations that provide recreational opportunities. They offer assistance as a lighting resource to help ensure a safer, quality playing environment. Their partners include the NAIA, NCAA, ASA, Little League Baseball, USA Baseball, US Soccer Foundation and many others.

Industry Awards
For more than 30 years, Musco has focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of sports lighting. They have received an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and an International Light Design Award.

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