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Help Support the SVC Plans

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Increasingly, individuals and groups who favor these plans have asked what they can do to express their support. In response, the University has created this page for anyone interested in learning more about what they can do to help make the SVC development a reality:

attend City Council meetings to express your support
write to your Davenport City Council member and the aldermen-at-large
write a letter to the editor of the Quad-City Times
join the independent "SAU Stadium Yes" Facebook or Twitter group
read stories, opinion pieces and letters about the SVC development
click on any of the links above to get more detailed information

Attend Davenport City Council meetings

When projects such as this go through the zoning process, there is often a vocal minority and a silent majority. If those in favor of the project are not engaged in voicing their support, it may appear that there is only opposition to the plans. Good turnout is crucial:

any updates will be posted here or check the City "Events Calendar" webpage
meetings take place at City Hall, 226 W. 4th St., Davenport (click for link to City Google map)

Davenport City Council meeting:
5:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 9

Write Your Representatives

Write an email to your City Council member, or one of the aldermen-at-large. Contact information can be found on the Contacting Elected Officials page.

Write the Quad-City Times

The Quad-City Times invites commentary from its readers. Send your letter of up to 250 words to Please include your full name, address and phone number. All published letters include the writer's name and town of residence. The Times does not publish addresses or phone numbers, but requires both for verification.

"SAU Stadium Yes" Social Media

“SAU Stadium Yes” was created as a forum for "Citizens who support St. Ambrose University's plan for constructing an athletic facility for football, softball, soccer, track & field and lacrosse. We are not a sponsored group of St. Ambrose University or have any affiliation to the university." The Facebook site has more than 2,250 "likes," and the "SAU Stadium Yes" group recently added a Twitter account.

Check out the "SAU Stadium Yes" Facebook site
Click here to check out the "SAU Stadium Yes" Twitter feed

Read Some of the Stories, Opinion Pieces and Letters About SVC Plans

SAU has compiled links to some of the pieces that have been written about the SVC plans. Click here to jump to the SVC Stories and Letters page.

Media Coverage of March 31 Support Meeting

A meeting for individuals interested in showing support for the SVC plans drew a crowd of more than 300 people to campus on Monday, March 31. Check out some of the media coverage of that event.

Whats Next

St. Ambrose University and Assumption High School need those who support this project to get involved!

If you have any questions, or ideas you'd like to share for expressing support for the SVC development plans, email them to