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Visual Representations

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St. Ambrose has a reputation for developing attractive facilities that fit well within their location, and the SVC Athletic Complex will be no exception.

The complex will be fenced. Berms and landscaping to the north and east will help screen the property and maintain the appearance of greenspace. The overall result will be an attractive and well-maintained complex.

The stadium portion of the development will be situated at the lowest point of the property, which will lessen its overall visual impact. Bricking on the perimeter of the stadium stands will create an aesthetically pleasing facade.

Architect's concept renderings provide a good sense of the location and proposed layout and look of the facilities. Because these are computer-aided drawings, they cannot represent every detail of the plans. After PID approval, the University would present detailed blueprints and plans for review and approval by City of Davenport staff.

Links to Architect's Concept Images

Complex relative to Assumption High School ("AHS"), the Sister of Humility ("SH"), the Diocese of Davenport ("DD"), and adjoining neighborhoods

Overhead view of major complex components

Aerial views of complex from various perspectives:
Aerial view from the north
Aerial view from the east
Aerial view from the west

Aerial views of stadium from various perspectives:
Aerial view of stadium from northwest
Aerial view of stadium from southeast
Aerial view of stadium from west

Stadium and field level details:
Field and home stands from west
Field and home stands from south
Field and visitor stands from south

Stadium entrance viewed from parking lot and pedestrian walkway

A printed set of large-scale drawings of the proposed development also is available for viewing at the SAU Library Reference Desk. These drawings can be viewed in the library during regular hours of operation.