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Mingxin Li: From her perspective

May 2013

I graduated recently from St. Ambrose University, and my experience at SAU has always been a pleasant and memorable one. In the year of 2010, I started my master of accounting studies as an international student. Since I hadn't been to a foreign country before, I was very nervous when I arrived in the United States, which is a brand new world to me. However, thanks for all the help from my professors and friends, I adjusted to this change pretty fast and started to feel much more comfortable with my new life.

Faculty members at MAcc program are very nice and helpful. When students need assistance, our teachers are always ready to help us out. I remember when I had ACCT 312 with Professor Marx, I was afraid that I bothered him with too many questions. But each time when I walked into his office, Professor Marx always smiled at me and was patient to answer every single question I had.

Meanwhile, the MAcc students are hardworking and dedicated. During graduate studies, we had many in-class discussions and group presentations. And I always found it enjoyable to work with my classmates - they have different backgrounds and experiences that make the discussions more interesting. Also, the small-sized classes can ensure everyone is able to participate and get involved.

Apart from the excellent faculty and students in the MAcc program, I enjoyed the class schedule as well. Without interrupting the daily life, students can go to work during the day and be prepared for the class at night.

Overall, I enjoyed my MAcc education with St. Ambrose University. This experience makes me who I am and will be contributed to my future careers. I appreciate all the help and hard work of our faculty members and I would recommend the MAcc program to my friends who want to have an outstanding higher education in the Quad Cities.

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