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Casual Classics Concert


Mar 21

5:00 pm

Galvin Fine Arts Center

In C is a monumental work in American music history. Fifty years old this year, it is considered the defining work of minimalistic music—music that generally features a steady pulse, consonant harmonies, extensive repetition, and gradual transformation over time.

It is also indeterminate, as certain aspects of the piece are decided spontaneously during the performance. No two performances of this piece are the same, because every performer has the freedom to repeat each phrase of music as many or as few times as he or she wishes.

In addition to the music, artist and SAU Art Department faculty Joseph Lappie will be interpreting the music by creating art live during the performance.

Musicians of the New Music Ensemble:
Bill Campbell, director and piano*
Brendan Besetzny, bass
Tim Byrnes, trumpet
Josh Hopper, saxophone
Marian Lee, keyboard*
Rob Hadesbeck, clarinet*
Melanie Holdorf, percussion
Janet Stodd, flute*
Dan Vaughn, guitar

*SAU music department faculty member

Cost: Free and open to the public


Terri Flynn

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About Casual Classics Concerts
Casual Classics concerts are like guided tours of great music by top performers in a more intimate setting. Come early, stay after, have a drink and snack, join in some informal question and answer periods, and meet the musicians. You don't have to have a music degree to join the fun!

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