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Ecocide: Violence and the Environment

bud grant


Mar 27

7:00 pm

Rogalski Center

Rev. Robert Grant, PhD, leads the 2014 Wilber Symposium on the Christian Tradition and Non-Violence.

Cost: Free and open to the public


Rev. Brian Miclot, 563/333-6129

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Too often seen as a distraction from Catholic Social Justice teaching, environmental theology is at the very core of our incarnational identity. Ecocidal threats to God's creation which constitute the most urgent moral imperative of our age, can be demonstrated through a review of the issues, natural law theology and the teachings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Rev. Robert "Bud" Grant '80, PhD, has been a chief proponent of environmental issues on campus since he joined the St. Ambrose University faculty in 1995. He helped establish the GreenLife student organization and has served as its adviser since 1995. A professor of theology, his courses include environmental ethics and aesthetics and he administers the interdisciplinary minor on environmental studies.

Fr. Grant is a lecturer and consultant on prairie restoration and was instrumental in the development of the St. Ambrose campus prairie. He has contributed numerous articles on sustainability and the environment to the National Catholic Rural Life journal and the Studia Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy. He writes a regular editorial piece on the environment for The Catholic Messenger newspaper. His published books include A Case Study in Thomistic Environmental Ethics.

He was presented an Eddy Award from River Action in 2007 and has served as an adviser to the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council and the University of Illinois Master Naturalist program.

A graduate of St. Ambrose in philosophy and history, he holds a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology and Certificate in Latin from Gregorian University in Rome; a Master of Christian Spirituality degree from Creighton University; and a doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of Iowa.

He is sacramental minister for St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Blue Grass, Iowa, near the small farm where he raises sheep, horses, poultry and native prairie plants.

The Wilber Symposium is made possible through a generous gift from Charles K. and Mary Ellen Wilber of South Bend, Indiana. The Wilbers are supporters of the Peter Claver Catholic Worker House in South Bend and other peace and social justice initiatives.

This event is part of St. Ambrose University's Sustainability Project, a year-long series examining our ability to sustain ecological systems through the arts, sciences and humanities.

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