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Exploring Engineering at SAU Overnight

engineering students

28- 29

Mar 28 - 29

Starts Friday, 7 p.m. and ends Saturday, 1 p.m.

Beginning at the Rogalski Center

High School and Community College Students: Enjoy an overnight stay on campus and learn more about St. Ambrose and its Industrial and Mechanical Engineering programs. Come early and enjoy pizza and a presentation.

Cost: Free (Reservations Required)


Jodi Prosise

More info: Engineering at St. Ambrose

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Participate in hands-on engineering activities, check out the labs and facilities, and socialize with current engineering students.
Reservations (and a parental permission form) are required by March 25. Contact Assistant Professor of Engineering Jodi Prosise at 563/333-6485 or by email

The Rogalski Center is located at the corner of Ripley and Lombard Streets, one block west of Harrison Street.

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