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What is Singapore Math?


Apr 16

7:00 pm

Rogalski Center

Why are Singapore students outperforming students from other countries, and how can the US provide its students with a competitive edge through this curriculum?

Cost: Free and open to the public


Thomas Carpenter

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Visiting Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Ngan Hoe Lee will give a free public presentation on Singapore Math, a methodology that is increasingly being adopted by school districts across the United States.

Lee will speak about the key features of Singapore Math; why Singapore students are outperforming students from other countries; and how the US can provide its students with a competitive edge through this curriculum. 

Lee was selected by the Fulbright program as one of only 800 foreign faculty and education professionals funded to teach or conduct research in the United States this year. His time at St. Ambrose has been spent working with students in the teacher education program, collaborating with faculty, making community presentations and providing in-services to local K-12 schools.

In Singapore, Lee serves as an assistant professor at the National Institute of Education. Besides teaching, Lee is involved in international comparative studies in the fields of teacher education and mathematics curriculum development. He consults with curriculum planners and teachers from such countries as the United Kingdom, Bhutan, Chile and China.

The Singapore Math Curriculum views mathematics as an integrated whole with increasing depth of sophistication and complexity. Learning abstract concepts is concretized through the use of simultaneous multiple representations, including hands-on activities, to help students to make sense of math. In addition, Singapore Math places an emphasis on the development of a positive disposition towards learning mathematics, a deep conceptual understanding, an efficient and effective retrieval of basic math facts and procedure, and a flexible, critical and creative approach towards problem-solving and problem-posing.

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