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May Star Party


May 03


Menke Observatory - Near the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center

Several objects within our solar system are visible tonight: The Moon and the planet Jupiter in the southwestern sky, Mars to the southeast, and Saturn will rise in the east about an hour after sunset.  

Since the Moon is a thin crescent, it will set within a few hours after the sun, leaving the rest of the night dark enough for viewing deep-sky objects like star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

Cost: Free


Robert Mitchell, PhD


More info: Driving Directions to Menke Observatory

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Call 563-333-6141 on the day of the event for a recorded message confirming whether the Star Party will take place or must be canceled due to stormy weather.

If the weather is merely cloudy, the Star Party will still take place with a tour of the observatory and an opportunity for questions and answers with local astronomers.