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Comedic Theatre Production

Du Daut Duo


Jun 06

7:30 pm

Galvin Fine Arts Center

St. Ambrose faculty member Daniel Rairdin-Hale has teamed up with international theatre artist Audrey Leclair to create a physical comedy show.

Calling themselves "Du Haut Duo," (pronounced "duo duo"), the team will perform in Montreal, Canada, New York City, NY, and other venues this summer.

Leclair recently finished an artistic residency in India and is also developing a show with Théâtre de la Tapisserie, a company she co-founded in Montreal, Quebec.

Rairdin-Hale teaches and directs theatre at St. Ambrose, and recently finished acting in a feature film produced by Fourth Wall Films, "Sons & Daughters of Thunder."

Leclair and Rairdin-Hale received theatrical clown training at Dell'Arte International, Calif., where they worked with each other for the first time. They have been leading workshops in red-nose clown and slapstick through the Davenport Junior Theatre, and have appeared at the Bucktown Revue and the Davenport Farmer's Market.

Besides the St. Ambrose performance, the duo will also perform at 9:30 p.m., Saturday, June 7, at the Establishment Theatre in Rock Island, Ill.