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Executive Presence & Communication


Jun 10

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

331 West Third Street - Suite 140, Davenport

An interactive and fast-paced group experience that will introduce key concepts on how to look and sound like a leader. 

Cost: $599


563-333-5720 or

More info: Leadership and Supervisory Programs

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Participants will learn the impact image has on an audience, techniques to exude power and confidence, and to persuade and influence through nonverbal communication.

This session will build on your own communication and dialogue strengths and identify areas for improvement. Participants will also learn the art of commanding a room and maximizing your credibility, as well as how to effectively connect with others to leave a positive and lasting impression.


· Learn the key components of executive presence

· Learn how to look like a leader, sound like a leader, and convey confidence

· Learn why and how to dress "one notch" above your audience

· Uncover skills and techniques to create instant rapport as a leader

The cost includes a light breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, beverages, and all materials.

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