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Youth Ministry Studies July Session


10- 13

Jul 10 - 13

Thursday-Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Various locations on campus

The Youth Ministry education program is offered at St. Ambrose in conjunction with the Center for Ministry Development for those in ministry with youth ages 11 to 18, in both parish and school settings.

Cost: Listed Below


Chris Clow, 563/333-6189

More info: Youth Ministry Brochure

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The primary aim of the program is to promote personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth. It equips leaders with knowledge, skills, practical tools and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive youth ministry. The sessions are offered June 12-15 and July 10-13.

The fee for each two-day course is $200, which includes tuition, materials and refreshments. Parish or school team discount is $200 for the first person, $145 for the second and $100 for the third. Each person needs a set of books at a cost of $55 per class. Note: The certificate is earned after the participant completes eight classes.

Overnight lodging is available on campus at $33 per night per person for a single room. Cafeteria lunch is available on campus at a cost of $7/day.

Cycle Two Courses offered summer 2014

COURSE #1 Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Evangelization and Catechesis
Thursday, June 12-Friday, June 13
Develops the foundations and practices for nurturing the growth of faith and Catholic identity in young and older adolescents. Participants will examine a contemporary approach to developing Catholic identity and practices, as well as exploring ways to promote a living relationship with Jesus in the lives of adolescents today. They will experience and analyze the postmodern culture and develop strategies for faith formation with adolescents in a postmodern world. They will learn creative approaches for evangelization and catechesis and develop skills and methods for evangelizing and catechizing adolescents. Instructor: Tom East

COURSE #2 Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Prayer and Worship
Saturday, June 14-Sunday, June 15
Investigates the foundational role that prayer and worship have in fostering the spiritual growth of youth. Participants develop understandings and practical skills necessary for promoting youth participation in liturgy, fostering the prayer life of youth and preparing prayer services, and understanding the role of youth retreat experiences. Participants will apply these understandings by developing a realistic and integrated approach to worship within a comprehensive ministry to youth. Instructor: Tom Tomaszek

COURSE #3 Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Justice and Service
Thursday, July 10-Friday, July 11
Drawing from scripture, Catholic social teaching, adolescent development and contemporary catechetical principles, this course explores the foundations for fostering a justice and service consciousness within a holistic spirituality in youth. It develops skills for creating integrated, action-learning models for the justice and service component of a comprehensive youth ministry. Instructor: Joan Weber

COURSE #4 Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Pastoral Care
Saturday, July 12-Sunday, July 13
Explores the principles and methods of caring for young people from various cultures and their families. The course develops an understanding of the breadth and depth of pastoral care, family systems and adolescent development, and the role that cultural identity plays in the development of adolescents. The goal is two-fold: (a) to promote healthy adolescent development from a pastoral care perspective, and (b) to develop preventative interventions for families with adolescents. Instructor: Christina Lamas

Cycle One Courses offered summer 2015
Principles of Youth Ministry, Practices of Youth Ministry, Foundations for Ministry Leadership and Skills for Christian Leadership

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