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Lecture and panel discussion on Saint Ambrose manuscript

Saint Ambrose of Milan


Dec 07

4:00 pm

Christ the King Chapel

Brian Berni, palaeographer and archivist, will present his findings of research he is conducting on a manuscript of Saint Ambrose's de Officies, published December 4, 1514. A viewing of the text will mark the 500th anniversary of this text, which was recently acquired by The Academy.


Fr. Bud Grant

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Berni will also discuss conclusions that can be drawn from his analysis of medieval margin notes that were added after publication. What do these footnotes say about the teachings of Ambrose, and who may have written them? What theological debates were occurring at that time in history and do they relate?

A panel of St. Ambrose faculty will discuss the book through several lenses-as a historical piece, a work of art, and as text and theology. The panel participants include Corinne Winter, theology; Beth Shoemaker, SAU Library; Joseph Lappie, art; Rev. Robert Grant, theology; and Ethan Gannaway, history and art history.

Join us for this fascinating adventure into our faith's past with this incredible, tangible artifact!

About Brian Berni:

Berni earned his BA in Early Modern History and an MA (Cardiff, UK) in Medieval British Studies.

In 2008 he began his training at the Vatican Secret Archives, where he was employed as an archivist, researcher and Latin translator between 2010 and 2012. He also holds a degree in Library Science by the Vatican Library.

He has worked on 16th century ecclesiastical libraries, Early Medieval manuscripts and 14th century Papal letters and registers.

He is currently an independent scholar based in Milan, Italy.