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Mar 20

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Rogalski Center

ProFair will be hosted in the Rogalski Center, located at the corner of Ripley and Lombard Streets, one block west of Harrison Street.

Cost: Free

Contact: Angela Elliott, 563-333-6338,

More info: Go to the ProFair website

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Student Opportunities

Our students and alumni will benefit from professional networking, sharpening interview skills and exploring career opportunities. This is not just for business and accounting students. Careers and internships in various disciplines as well as non-profit and government organizations will be represented. We encourage students at any point in their undergraduate education to attend. It's never too early to begin honing your professional skills. We have had students find their future employers at fairs during their sophomore year.


Employers will gain access to our students and alumni who represent a wide variety of talents and interests. Participating organizations will tap into the gifts and knowledge of our students through several opportunities over the course of the ProFair.


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