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Art Exhibition: 'Bridges'

Mary Uthuppuru

20-Feb 26

Jan 20 - Feb 26

9:00 am - 5:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday

Galvin Fine Arts Center

Catich Gallery

Organized by Andrew Huot of Davenport's Big River Bindery, this group exhibition gathers together prints and fine art books concerned with bridges as both subject and metaphor.

Cost: Free

Contact: Christopher Reno, 563.333.6444,

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Originally a print exchange for the Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, each Guild Worker created an edition of prints about some sort of bridge to contribute to the set, and each artist then received a complete set of everyone's prints in exchange! These bridges could be made of bricks and mortar or they could be bridges of a more poetic variety - bridges that bring people together, bridges that cross cultures, bridges that offer the possibility of change...

But this is where it gets really interesting! Each artist then created their own book or box to contain the set of prints. Each of these housings is completely different! From traditional book designs to radical interpretations of the book idea, the complete set of these books is not to be missed! All of the prints and books will be on display at the Catich Gallery.

Wait! There's EVEN MORE! In addition to the print exchange and individual book designs, this exhibition will also contain other objects - art books, art boxes and prints - from each of the contributing artists. The Catich Gallery will be absolutely bursting with great art! Not to be missed!