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Catich Gallery Exhibition - Kristin Musgnug

painting of moss and seedlings from overturned stump

Moss and Seedlings from Overturned Stump, oil + acrylic on panel

21-Oct 12

Aug 21 - Oct 12

Tues - Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Galvin Fine Arts Center

Kristin Musgnug is an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing and the Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Arkansas.  Musgnug's paintings draw on her interest in the scientific view of nature as well as the role nature occupies in culture and in the human psyche.  

This exhibition, Disturbed Ground, offers opportunities for the viewer to understand Musgnug's painting process through studies and works on paper.  We are pleased to welcome Kristin Musgnug to St. Ambrose University!

Cost: free and open to the public

Contact: Christopher Reno, 563-333-6444,

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