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October 24 - Leadership Live


Oct 24

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

54th Street Building

Russell Wright, PhD, director of the St. Ambrose Master of Business Administration program, will be the facilitator.

Cost: $15

Contact: Kim Raap, 563-333-5723,

More info: Register Online

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Russell Wright, PhD, will facilitate the session using "The Parable of the Sadu" to open the discussion of ethical dilemmas. How are the ethics of an individual different from those of a group or company? When does an individual have responsibility for the well-being of group? When does a group have responsibility for the well-being of an individual? Why is it hard sometimes for managers to recognize they are facing an ethical dilemma? Do we prepare our people, organizations and institutions so they will respond appropriately to ethical crises? These are some of the questions addressed during the session.

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