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Letters to the Editor

October 2004

I graduated from St. Ambrose in 1950 and remember having many World War II veterans like myself in our class. I served in the Navy on the submarine USS Cochino, SS345, and was discharged in 1946 just in time to enter St. Ambrose in September.

I'm wondering if any of the W.W.II vets who attended St. Ambrose will be going to Washington D.C., to celebrate the dedication of the W.W.II memorial on Saturday, May 29. My wife Marilyn and I have already made reservations and are looking forward to having a great time.

I would be interested in hearing from any former "bubbleheads" and veterans who plan to make the trip in May. My email address is

George Roushar
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

News from the Front Lines
Spc. Ben Fischer '02 was stationed in the Middle East with the U.S. Army, where he worked with the Air Force on Close/Combat Air Support missions. Before coming home, he wrote to former professors and friends at St. Ambrose of his experiences.

Aug. 2, 2003
Hello, Mr. (Alan) Sivell:

Thank you so much for the packages, hat and power rangers...It's been awhile since we've last spoke and might I tell you one weird ride so far. I have been to a lot of places here in Iraq, from Samawayh to an Najaf to Baghdad to Tikrit to al Sarah to Mosul...Pretty rough at first, took awhile to get going, didn't have much problem until we were leaving Baghdad. That was the first time I was shot at, was hoping it would have been the last but not so lucky. Mosul was where we did most of our missions. I have done everything from real LRS missions to combat patrols, etc...

So far as a company and for the situations that we have been involved in, we have lost three men. Two of them were the first guys I met at the company. That was the toughest day of my life. I never thought in my wildest imagination I would have to tell my fellow soldiers that a buddy is dead. The image stays in your head for a long time and will probably never leave. So in class when kids are (complaining) about stuff I used to (complain) about, remind them that Spc. Gleason, Spc. Griffin and Spc. Long gave their lives so people back home could be safe.

I have no idea when I will be returning back home. I imagine that February will mark one year and that sounds fitting. You can bet that I will swing by good old SAU and stop in for a visit. I have many stories to share with you. (And my hidden motive is to find a cute single college girl to have a beer with.) Take care and I will try to write again soon.

Spc. Benjamin L. Fischer

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