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Ecuador in a Snapshot

July 2006

Ecuador in a Snapshot gave students participating in the intersession program in Ecuador over winter break the chance to capture the aspect of Ecuador that most spoke to them.

The results are the achingly vivid, expertly wrought winning images on these pages.

Organized by recent MBA graduate Rosana Avila, then the graduate assistant for the Study Abroad Program, the photo competition was judged by Jamie Loftus, vice president for enrollment management and student services; Ben Kiel '06, Student Government Association president; and Kathryn Anderson, assistant professor of art.

In addition to appearing in Scene, the winning photos were displayed as part of SAU Multicultural Week activities.

Family/People/Portrait: Cari Hagler
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Naperville, Ill.
"This family was selling fruit in the market in Uzhupud. They were so nice, I bought fruit from them."

Nature: Beth Van Der Molen
Major: Art Education
Hometown: Wheaton, Ill.
"As we were hiking up the mountain in Giron, I wasn't sure really how far we had to go, but as we started up, I saw the waterfall peeking through these exotic plants. I was awed by the beauty and peace this place possessed. After a long celebration with my host family the night before, this was the perfect chance to both explore and rest."

Architecture: Emma Crino
Major: Secondary Education, History
Hometown: Davenport
"This is the door to the big Catholic church that is in the center of the city. When I was in Cuenca, if I got lost, I would find the church and then I could find the school to get home. I like the symbolism that the door and the man present. The Church is such a factor down in Ecuador. It shows how small man is, and how awesome God is."

Special Women's Studies Prize: Catherine Foy (front cover)
Major: English
Hometown: Davenport
"This was taken in the mountain village of Principal, where these women weave hats and many other products to support themselves and their families. These two were sitting together outside a little tienda. The corn cob in the bucket at their feet is used to comb water into the fibers as they weave to keep them pliable. I shot this picture without their faces because I wanted to capture their hands and their work, as well as the native clothing."

Creative/Artistic: Cari Hagler
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Naperville, Ill.
"This photo shows an entire wall of Panama hats. These in particular were made by one of the most famous Panama hat makers in Ecuador. He was so nice and took me to this room that was filled with all of these hats. It was amazing!

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