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Call Board Minutes from October 11

October 2010

The Call Board had its first meeting of the year on Oct. 11 after closing the first mainstage show, "The Drowsy Chaperone." The Call Board is a group that discusses how everything is going in the Theatre Department in order to make improvements and decisions on future shows, trips, and other issues.

The Call Board is comprised of four students (one from each class) elected by their peers. Though the board meets with the faculty, anyone who has ideas to share with the group is welcome to attend the meetings. The meetings are held after the closing of each mainstage production.

Call Board members (2010-11)
Senior–Andrew Benson
Junior–Grace Allen

Sophomore–Hannah Wilke
Freshman–Emma Williams

Faculty members in attendance: Dr. Corinne Johnson, Kristofer Eitrheim, Daniel Rairdin-Hale, and staff member Eileen Eitrheim.
Others in attendance: Kristen Jett, and Tony Stratton

The main issue of the meeting consisted of talking about the musical, starting with the audition process through tech week, and closing of the show. It was decided that the audition workshop was a plus, and it would be nice to incorporate one into future auditions to help students practice their pieces and get advice before the actual audition. One of the trouble spots this show had was being forced to rehearse elsewhere, and trying to decide if there are other places to rehearse that won't cause problems. The music and dance rehearsals went well, with a good date set for off book, and having a dance captain was beneficial to get outside help with the dances. The photo shoot call was a bit hectic, but some good rehearsal shots resulted from that. Strike was efficient and went very smoothly. The box office was wondering if we should give comp tickets and who would receive them. There is also some communication problems with front of house, so if we could try to fix those before next show that would be helpful. The ticket sales for this show were about average with the previous shows numbers bringing in about 1,000 ticket sales.

Next, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival was discussed. There is a new policy on who can attend with the department paying. Those who are actively involved–which includes Irene Ryans, Call Board, Tech Team, Display, and competing in other competitions–will be paid for. Others can go but need to pay their own way, find lodging, and transportation. It was decided that it would beneficial to send out information about the different events to participate in so people are well aware of what they can do. The Irene Ryans will possibly have their first showing Dec. 16. It wasn't decided  if "Oedipus Rex" has been selected to perform but there needs to be people in place to work on the show in case it does go. It would be nice to have a benefit performance to raise funds and to get practice loading the show in and out, but the location of that would need to be elsewhere as Allaert auditorium is going to be remodeled during winter break to fix rain damage from the summer.

The Galvin awards for this year were discussed. The Call Board gets to plan this end of the year event and still needs to chose a location, prepare the senior tribute, awards from each show, and other details that go along with that. Invitations for the Galvins should be sent out to everyone who was involved in theater in some way this year!

Lastly, next year's season needs to be decided by March 1. 

The next Call Board meeting will be after the children's show, December 4.

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