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The Adventure Orange

November 2010

For Christmas this year, you might need a unique present for that person who is the hardest to buy for. Luckily for you, The Adventure Orange comes to the rescue.

A small store in downtown East Moline, this craft co-op offers quirky, intelligent, and beautiful art, from clothing to sketches, to posters and woven rugs-and lots more. There's nothing that hasn't been personally made.

Owned by Anne Brown '06, who majored in art at St. Ambrose, it's a shop that grew out of an artist's dream: to make a living doing what you love. A gifted craftsman, she started to have a knack for making things after learning how to sew.

"My mom taught me sewing when I was probably 5-years-old, and it has always been second nature for me to make things," Anne says.

The art bug didn't bite, however, until she took a figure drawing class at Loras College before continuing her art education at St. Ambrose. She opened her shop several months after graduating and currently has four members (five including Anne) in the co-op who also sell their items at The Adventure Orange.

It's an interesting name and probably has helped separate her store from other niche-like stores. Coming up with the name actually held up the grand opening, Anne confesses, until she happened to be perusing through paint chip samples. One of them was "Adventure Orange," and the name stuck.

In addition to intriguing and interesting art, The Adventure Orange also provides mending and seamstress services. Within the next month, Anne and the co-op members – the Adventure Council – will open the space next door to hold DIY classes such as sewing and craft projects.

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