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SAU Speech Clinic Addresses Stuttering

a woman demonstrating mechanics of mouth position in speech therapy

January 2011

Recently in the news with 12 Oscar nominations, "The King's Speech" is the story of King George VI of Britain and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch overcome his stammer and deliver a crucial radio-address that inspired a nation. A previous Quad-City Times article tells the story of a local man who works with speech therapists in St. Ambrose's Master of Speech-Language Pathology program, in an effort to manage this challenging disability.

"It takes Brian Taylor twice as long as most to make a simple request such as ordering a pizza, for instance.

"'I do that if I have to,' he said. 'I just wouldn't want a job where I'd have to talk to people all the time.'

The 36-year-old has stuttered all of his life, and the speech disability has worsened as he has aged. He was away from speech therapy for 12 years, but he recently returned while trying to regain control of his ability to communicate." Read more.

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