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Video Receives One Million Hits

February 2011

St. Ambrose University's Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow this year is Barbara Gottschalk, co-founder of Seeds of Peace, an organization dedicated to empowering young leaders to advance reconciliation and coexistence. Seeds of Peace starts with a summer camp in Maine. When a young person leaves the summer camp, they are referred to as a "seed."

One of Barbara's "seeds" is Mostafa Fahmy. Fahmy, who is in film-making school in Egypt, decided to make a music video about the uprising in his country. His video-camera was twice taken by the police. He spoke with Gottschalk who encouraged him, saying, "It is so important that you are there, doing what you can to record it." Fahmy did succeed in making his very emotional music video-and it has gone viral, with more than 1 million unique hits thus far!

Watch the video now. (Be sure to press "cc" for closed captioning.)

On Wednesday, March 9, Gottschalk will give a public lecture about Seeds of Peace on the SAU campus.

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