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National Foreign Language Week

March 2011

St. Ambrose University's Modern Languages department is excited to celebrate National Foreign Language Week, March 7-11, a week promoting the importance of studying languages in the United States. Visit our home page for upcoming events, ideas on how to put your language skills to use in the real world, and opportunities to learn languages at SAU.

"Knowing another language allows one to better analyze primary sources, as it is critical to be able to read the source in the language in which it was written. Also, in order to participate in the world as a global citizen it helps immensely to be able to speak another language."
Katy Strzepek, Director of Women's Studies:

"Knowing a language in addition to English is increasingly important in the criminal justice field. One of our most distinguished graduates is a Secret Service agent for President Obama, and speaks English, Spanish, and is learning Arabic. Another is a probation officer in Rock Island County, who has endured—despite budget cuts—thanks to her ability to speak fluent Spanish. Those who have the command of multiple languages have an advantage in getting and keeping the preferred jobs. It's as simple as that."
Sandra Quinn, Associate Professor of Sociology, Criminal Justice, Women's Studies and Irish Studies

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