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March 2011

Kathie Lampe continues to teach the following courses: PT Procedures I, Physical Agents, Issues in Patient Care and Integumentary Therapeutics. She is collaborating with Dr. Kevin Farrell and Genesis Medical Center on a research project involving patients with neck pain and dysfunction. Kathie continues to work for Mercy Rehabilitation in Bellevue on a prn basis. Kathie's four children are growing up and are starting to leave the nest; Matt (23), Sam (20), Anna (18) and Sarah (16). Lampe True Value is going strong.

Dr. Barb Ehrmann is coordinating the service learning requirement that has been added for all DPT graduates. She continues to teach courses in pathology and functional anatomy, and has welcomed a new daughter-in-law to the family. Barb's older son, James, married Kelly in 2009. Their younger son, Tim, will graduate from the University of Northern Iowa in May with a degree in Business Teaching.

Dr. Mike Puthoff continues to teach classes in cardiopulmonary, health promotion and geriatrics and is currently serving as Interim Director of the department. He is doing a research project on functional outcome measures in cardiac rehabilitation in conjunction with Genesis Medical Center and Trinity Health System Cardiac Rehabilitation programs. Outside of work, he is staying busy with his three children Lauren (7), Nick (5), and Alex (3).

Dr. John Barr has added PT Procedures II to his course responsibilities which include Introduction to PT, Professional Practice & Health Care Systems, and Advanced Diagnostics. In 2012, John will be completing his second term as president of the Section on Geriatrics APTA. Wife Rhonda, a student in the post-professional DPT program, continues to lecture on diabetes management in our professional program. Sons Greg (28) is a chef in New York City; Tom (24) is a computer information technologist in North Liberty; and Evan (21) is completing classes at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.

Be on the lookout for more faculty updates in the next newsletter.

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