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From the Desk of the Director

March 2011

Are you one of those people who procrastinate getting your Christmas cards out every year? You come home every day in December and say, "this is the evening I am going to get these done!"

Then, something that seems more important comes up, or you're just too tired to do it. Or maybe you're all ready to work and your computer crashes with all your family and friend's addresses on it. Days and then weeks go by, and before you know it, Christmas has passed and people are talking about St. Patrick's Day.

That's how I felt about getting the St. Ambrose University Physical Therapy (PT) Department Newsletter written.

I had the best of intentions to get this done in December, and now it's March. I am very happy to be finally sending the newsletter out to you and share with you all the exciting things going on in the PT Department. Thanks to Dr. John Barr for his help in writing the newsletter and encouraging me to finish it up.

In this issue you will read about a promotion for Dr. Sandy Cassady (and why I am writing from the Desk of the Director); the experiences our students had at Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans; a new scholarship program; and many other updates.

We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. Please email us an update about yourself, or stop by to see us in our new home, The Center for Health Sciences Education, on the corner of Marquette and Lombard streets. We will be sending out an eNewsletter a few times a year to keep you informed of happenings in the PT Department. Happy reading!

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