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'Dark Play' Shines

April 2011

Andrew Bradford '11, made his SAU directorial debut March 24 in Galvin's Studio Theatre with the challenging show, Dark Play or Stories for Boys. The performance included the talents of Timothy Stompanato '13, Tony Stratton '12, Grace Allen '12, and Austin Eiben '14.

The play displays the mental, emotional and physical consequences that can result from society's addiction to technology. The audience is led through the story by Stompanato's character, Nick, and how his actions have not only altered his life, but the life of another young man, Adam (Stratton).

Bradford's view of the cyber world and its sometimes dark nature has definitely made its impact on the audience.

"I think it yields a good warning about the Internet," says audience member Kristin Jett. "There are things out there that no one can be certain of, and we all should be cautious."

Audience members left feeling thoroughly satisfied with the mesmerizing performance and all the talent behind it, but it also left them wondering about their own addiction to technology and how it affects their life on a daily basis. Where will it end? How did it begin? Dark Plays or Stories for Boys offers an honest view into the secret lives of the faceless people we meet in the virtual world.

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